Mermaid Fest 2018 - La Cima | San Marcos

Mermaid Fest 2018

By October 17, 2018News

We have been honored for the past two years to have been the title sponsor of the 2018 Mermaid SPLASH, an annual city-wide, multi-event festival, celebrating the city’s arts, culture, heritage and the most precious resource, the San Marcos River. The 15-day festival has something for everyone! SPLASH is designed to be an all-inclusive community platform to inspire connection in celebration of our creative community and river culture. We think that Derrick Lee, Co-Founder of The Eyes of the San Marcos River said it best.

“The Mermaid Society of SMTX fills a role that is and will be vital to making San Marcos known not just for its beautiful scenery but also for letting the community and the entire state know that in San Marcos we truly care about the health of our river both now and for future generations. The Eyes of the SM River looks forward to working with Mermaids of SMTX to spread awareness through the many different cultures that exist in San Marcos. We hope that this provides a solid foundation for the preservation and conservation of our most valuable resource in this city.”