“Outdoor Amenities for All to Enjoy”

With a wealth of amenities just outside your front door, you don’t have to leave La Cima to enjoy the outdoors. La Cima has amenities designed for all ages, from our stunning Central Park and recreation center to playscapes, recreation fields and family swimming pools! We love the outdoors and hope you will come join this master-planned community to live, work and play in nature.

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Amenities of La Cima:

  • Central Park
    With over 45 acres of open space in the center of La Cima named “Central Park,” this area will be the perfect spot to run, play and enjoy the great outdoors, while serving as the hub of the community for families to gather and socialize.
  • Recreation Center
    The La Cima recreation center will offer an activity room, workout room, meeting room and family swimming pools.
  • Playscapes
    Our unique playscapes will be the perfect get-away for your young family members. Bring them out to play, climb and slide on the latest playground equipment!
  • Community Recreational Fields
    Enjoy plenty of open space to take part in soccer, baseball, football or whatever sport you choose. Or just take a casual stroll while soaking in the natural surroundings.